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Proven Marketing

Our proven strategic marketing program has resulted in our continued rank as #1 brokerage in the Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County, Maryland, areas for the number of listings sold since 1995! With that, your property will be given a competitive advantage resulting in a better chance of a quicker sale at a higher price. When you list with us, we will include your property in a highly focused, result-oriented marketing plan that includes the following:

Internet Marketing

Today, more than 90% of all home buyers conduct their search exclusively online. The internet is by far the most powerful marketing tool. To ensure your property is displayed in front of the highest possible number of potential buyers, we use innovative techniques to syndicate your listing to the most popular real estate websites. Locally, our user-friendly real estate websites and are the highest-ranked sites for Deep Creek Lake real estate related search terms on the most popular, well-known search engines, including Google. No other local company can match our organic search rankings. Nationally, all of our listings are pushed to over 50 other highly visited websites, including Zillow, Trulia, and Our online skills guarantee your home will have the highest possible marketing exposure. 

Social Media

Today's market includes heavy traffic through various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Railey Realty maintains a strong presence on all major social media platforms, allowing both potential clients and customers to get to know our brand and see our strategy at work. Online marketing has recently grown tremendously, offering an even larger market on the major social media platforms. Through social media-based advertising, we're able to reach users who may not regularly see our normal posting. In addition to advertising and marketing, though, we strongly believe in showcasing our brand and the Deep Creek Lake lifestyle through these channels. Users can see what day to day life at the lake is like, get an inside look at new businesses and restaurants, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of our area from far away, all conveniently from any of their devices or accounts. Our mix of envy-worthy sunsets, properties for sale, and relevant local news help our pages maintain a strong following while still attracting new followers and likes. 

Professional Photography

Our listings are professionally photographed to present them in the best possible light. Each photo is taken with precision and the best vantage point in mind, providing the agent with high-quality photos of each room and the home's best features. Carefully edited and exported with a high resolution, these photos also can be used for several different kinds of marketing and advertising, doubling the standard property exposure. We also utilize drone photography to help capture the full essence of the property and show its position in relation to neighboring homes or the lake. Aerial shots are very popular to buyers browsing online because it gives them a unique angle on a particular property that they wouldn't normally see. 

Property Videos

One of the most popular ways that information is shared is through videos. We strongly believe that professional-grade videos of homes for sale adds a special and unique touch to any listing. A video allows a prospective buyer to essentially 'walk through' a home, seeing it as though they are there. Combining interior video with exterior and drone video completes the full effect for real estate listing videos. To not only walk through the home but to fly up and over, is a virtual luxury that allows a sense of realism with a dash of fantasy to the buying process. Video is also one of the most trusted kinds of advertising and marketing, as it's more closely related to reality than photos or descriptions. A consumer is more likely to remember the impression from a great video than words they read describing the same property. 

Traditional Marketing

Deep Creek Lake & Garrett County, Maryland Properties for Sale | Railey RealtyProven sales techniques, like the branded yard signs we use, listing your property in our MLS, our printed Sales Guide, our strategic office locations, networking with our extensive referral base, or word of mouth, still play a very important role in the overall complete marketing of your home. Our printed sales guide is released semiannually to a targeted circulation of 50,000 people and can be found inside the most rental homes at Deep Creek, and strategically placed in the highest-trafficked locations. We also now have two sales offices to serve the entire Deep Creek area. Our high visibility and convenient sales office locations are designed to encourage prospective buyers to simply stop in to browse properties at their leisure or learn more about the area in our casual atmosphere. We understand that bringing more buyers through our doors will ultimately result in more listings sold. 

The Railey name has been associated with the region since a time before Deep Creek Lake was built in 1925 - from the original Railey Cabins that were located near the Rt. 219 Bridge, to our 2 sales offices today that cover the entire lake. The Railey name has continually been associated with expertise in the area, and we have been actively involved in the development of the lake for many years. We've met a lot of people over the years but our roots are here in Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County - where it counts the most for you.